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Art Dept Assistant

NFTS, Beaconsfield, 2 Weeks

Jul 1st 2019

29th May 2019
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Art Dept Assistant

We are looking for a passionate art department assistant with a background in design or film to join our film production team and help us make a sci fi short film. It's a very exciting and challenging project that will give you the opportunity to collaborate with a very professional and talented crew, improve your skills and learn a lot.

If you are interested, please contact us!

Key Details:
Location: National Film and Television School
Start Date: 1st of July
Duration: two weeks but flexible!

A few words about the story:

The story is set in London in the future. The world's biggest super-moon is about to happen, something that is promoted by the media constantly as a huge phenomenon that everyone has to witness. The reality however is that the moon is going to collide with earth resulting to the planet's destruction and so an elite group that controls the press is distracting the public from the truth and at the same time preparing to escape from the planet with a new technology that they have invented. A technology that allows them to travel through light. The story centers on Willow and Phillip. Willow is the elite group leader's daughter who is summoned to join her family to escape with them. Unfortunately, she brings Phillip, who is not welcomed to join, with her. Willow has to decide between her family and her partner, between life and death. The film is a love story packaged as an end-of-days sci-fi.

The Key Crew:

Director: Shane Lim

Shane Lim is a filmmaker and photographer currently based in London. In 2014, his debut short film 'November' premiered at the 25th Singapore International Film Festival. It later won awards for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay at the National Youth Film Awards (Singapore), and Best Script at the 6th Singapore Short Film Awards. 'November' was also nominated for the 'Golden Reel for Best Short Film' at the 31st Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival and this was followed by selections at fest