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By Mikaela Duplay
  • Floor Runner / Set PA
  • Production Assistant
  • Director's Assistant
  • Post Production
  • Script Reader
  • Scriptwriter
My life objective is to become a film director. The condition I will need to fulfill in order to feel completely satisfied with myself as a director is my team. I want my film crew to be my family. Throughout my entire career, I want to create a team with the best technicians, music composers, camera operators, actors and assistants and never let go of them. I believe that the bigger the complicity, the better will a team converge towards the same objective. I want my future workplace to be filled with passionate members who's happiness is being nourished by the atmosphere on set. This is what Wes Anderson has succeeded in doing, he is my role model. In terms of work experience, I am happy to work as a runner or assistant but preferably on set. I am an extremely energetic person and I believe this energy needs to be consumed in an activity which requires quick responsiveness and efficiency. I am spontaneous and adaptable. If I am asked to do something risky in order to save a film I won't think twice about it. I am not afraid to go up to strangers and ask for help. My positiveness will always overcome any kind of negativity.
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Dissertation project

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Added March 2019

The aim of this dissertation project is to show how visual style has an impact on viewer interpretation of the story. The script is the same for every version, i have adapted the way it is shot to the director's style.