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By Janoux Gerber
  • Floor Runner / Set PA
  • Camera Trainee / Assistant
  • Production Runner
  • Film Marketing
I was born in South Africa in 1995 and moved to England for the first time when I was 5 years old. I spent most of my life jumping back and forth between these two countries as I grew up, with most of my family still living in Cape town and surrounding areas. I personally developed a passion for film making and acting mid-way through secondary school and spent most of my time either in the theatre doing plays, or at home making short stop-motion movies out of lego. When I started sixth form in 2011, I had to make a decision about which direction I should take with my life. Unfortunately, due to pressures to follow in the footsteps of other family members, I chose completely the wrong subjects and attempted to suppress these desires to go into film and acting. After a long year of struggling with this, I decided to restart sixth form with subjects in Drama, English, History and Performing arts. It was a complete 180. I knew this was what I wanted to do and threw myself into the next two years with everything I had. I spent all my time in the drama studio, devising plays and collaborating with others students and teachers on projects that we frequently performed all through my time at the Sixth form. After 3 wonderful, but tough years, I chose to pursue this career in theatre and film further by applying to the University of Exeter - something I never thought would be possible after restarting my A levels. University was one of the most crucial times in my life and further shaped how I might approach my career outside of education. I chose a degree in Drama at Exeter as it not only focused on the practical aspects of acting, but also looked at directing, producing and theatre making in its full. In my first year I bought my first camera and took it with my on a holiday in South Africa. I started experimenting with filming and eventually edited a short travel film on some free software I found online. This sparked new creative possibilities in what I wanted to do and throughout my time in Exeter I tried to grow in my editing and film making. Whilst our degree was very theatre focused, I was able to bring in a multimedia aspect to my practical assignments which few other students attempted. I created short films and trailers for a number of societies and theatre companies, all after teaching myself through youtube videos alongside my degree. Since December of 2016 I challenged myself to making a short film every week and through this I have learned so much. It was a useful way of logging how I have improved over the last few months and helped me to constantly push my videos to be better than the last. Whilst I don't have a lot of set experience as of yet, I do have a deep drive to learn and constantly get better at film making, directing and producing. I am constantly trying to put out content and since graduating in July 2017, I am now looking to new opportunities to learn from others and develop my skills beyond what I have tried to teach myself. Whether it be a runner, an assistant or whatever, I would love to learn from professionals in this industry and hopefully a lot will come through applying to this website.

Part 2 of our Trip to Norway

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Added September 2017