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Claire Edgley

About Claire

I am a career changer with various strands of influence having slowly come together to lead me to decide to embark upon a different career path. Firstly, I started regularly going to the cinema whilst living in Germany, initially using it as a learning tool for improving my German. I began developing a stronger interest in cinema, which came with me after I left the country. However, a more recent experience, getting a brief but beautiful insight into how films are actually made, piqued my curiosity further. I was involved in a BBC documentary, where I spent the whole day side by side with a self-shooting PD. Since then, I now often find myself watching films through the lens, from the perspective of the camera operator taking the shot. I am now hyperaware of the work that goes into any film I watch, always taking note of all the different shots that are taken, in order to make a film visually attractive, creative, and inspiring. Originally a linguist who then went on to study environmental sustainability, I have come to realise an important aspect about myself: I am fascinated by humans, their history, their interactions, and their futures. These interests make me want to explore and research our story further, however, after completing my Master’s degree, I came to the realisation that the career path I originally had in mind would not be possible, and have since realised that I could delve deeper into these subjects through TV and film instead. There are a number of skills that I have developed and accumulated experience through other professions that could be transferable to the TV and film industries. For example, high levels of concentration, perseverance, accuracy, admin, learning new software, and project management. My experience as a freelance translator means that I am used to working independently, however, my other experiences of working as a teacher and a receptionist have also given me the opportunity to work in very people-facing roles. I hope that I'll be able to transfer my skills and the knowledge gained from past experiences and adapt them towards roles in TV and film production.

Locations I would like to work
Production areas I would like to work in
Floor Runner / Set PA, Production Assistant, Production Runner
Non-Production areas I would like to work in

Showreel & Photographs

Skills & Experience

Driving license
Full UK

Software Experience

MS Excel
MS Powerpoint
MS Word


Keele University
Environmental sciences

Coventry University
Italian language

The Midlands Arts Centre (MAC)
Short Filmmaking


Benedetta Tamagnini,
Project Manager, Kosmos Traduzioni

- I currently collaborate with her on a regular basis for translation and proofreading projects.

Marisa Pereira,
Assistant Director, WORLDwrite

- I have been involved (setting up and camera operation) in a number of shoots with her for this media charity in London.