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Claire Edgley

About Claire

Regarding filmmaking, I am a career changer fresh off the boat, with various strands of influence having slowly come together to lead me to decide to embark upon a different career path. Firstly, I started regularly going to the cinema whilst living abroad after my Bachelor’s degree, initially using it as a learning tool for improving my German. I began developing a stronger interest in cinema, which came with me after I left Germany. However, a more recent experience, getting a brief but beautiful insight into how films are actually made, piqued my curiosity further. I was involved in a BBC documentary, where I spent the whole day side by side with a self-shooting PD. Since then, I now often find myself watching films through the lens, from the perspective of the camera operator taking the shot. I am now hyperaware of the work that goes into any film I watch, always taking note of all the different shots that are taken, in order to make a film visually attractive, creative, and inspiring. I have also developed a good friendship with the camera operator I worked with, which has provided me with occasional glimpses into the world of media and film production since we met. Originally a linguist who then went on to study environmental sustainability, I have come to realise an important aspect about myself: I am fascinated by humans, their history, their interactions, and their futures. These interests make me want to explore and research our story further, however, after completing my Master’s degree, I came to the realisation that the career path I originally had in mind would not be possible. Sitting in front of a computer writing for the next forty years of my life began to seem undesirable, and even impossible. But I still wanted to contribute to communicating about the world’s issues and potential solutions; just not in written form. So my formerly mentioned inspirations drove me towards the idea of working in filmmaking instead. I have begun learning about basic camera operation and have participated in a few volunteer and class shoots, however, I know that I am still at the very beginning and have a lot to learn. Nevertheless, I have various skills and personal traits, such as my attentiveness to detail, or patience and perseverance with any task I am given, which will be beneficial in my formative journey towards being able to contribute to telling the world’s stories through film.

Locations I would like to work
Production areas I would like to work in
Floor Runner / Set PA, Camera Trainee / Assistant, Edit Trainee / Assistant
Non-Production areas I would like to work in

Showreel & Photographs

Skills & Experience

Driving license
Full UK

Software Experience

MS Excel
MS Powerpoint
MS Word


Keele University
Environmental sciences

Coventry University
Italian language


Benedetta Tamagnini,
Project Manager, Kosmos Traduzioni

- I currently collaborate with her on a regular basis for translation and proofreading projects.

Deborah Jackson,
Assistant Manager, Mark Warner

- I worked alongside her at the Hotel Cristallo, in Courmayeur, Italy, on the front desk.