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Ruth Spencer

   Production credits   
   Non-production credits   

About Ruth

The kind of strange person who loves organisation, lists, spreadsheets and has a healthy fear of being late! I am equal parts strategic, logical, intuitive and creative. I have been working in the digital media and talent management spaces for over 10 years, and have a degree in Digital Film and Video. I have 3 years of experience working for a prominent YouTube and Podcast platform as an Interview/Development Producer, so I have a specialist understanding of digital content. I'm looking to take a deeper dive into the production space and work on exciting projects, where I can be hands-on, taking on whatever challenges are thrown my way. I have a particular love of Podcasts and Documentaries. I spend a lot of time consuming media in all forms, keeping up to date on news and culture - I'm always up to date on the latest trends and topics. I am skilled at researching for popular content contributors, and identifying potential opportunities.

Locations I would like to work
Production areas I would like to work in
Production Assistant, Production Runner, Cast Assistant
Non-Production areas I would like to work in
Creative Agency, Development, Film PR

Showreel & Photographs

Skills & Experience

Software Experience

Final Cut
MS Excel
MS Powerpoint
MS Word

Production Experience

Producer. London Real TV, Digital / Online Content
Production Company
London Real TV
Jul 2017
Approx. duration

Editor. Signals Media Arts Centre, Unknown
Production Company
Dec 2012
Approx. duration
4 Months

Non-Production Experience

Office Runner. unknown, Internship / Work Experience
Signals Media Arts Centre
Jan '11
Approx. duration
10 Months


London South Bank University
Film production

London South Bank University.
Digital Film and Video

Digital film and media: Merit

Media Studies: B