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January 2018 | Georgie McGahey

MFJF and Escape offer two tickets to the VFX Festival.

My First job in Film and Escape Studios have two tickets to give away for the 2018 VFX Festival. If you have a passion for games, animation and VFX, then you don't want to miss out on a day jam-packed with talks, workshops and getting your hands on some of the latest tech.

If you're keen to pursue a career in VFX, the festival includes the chance to meet recruiters face to face, well worth the ticket price alone. So if you are going to the festival, here are our top tips for making the most out of the event.

1. Research the companies attending the festivals and think about what you're going to ask the recruiters. Don't dawdle around the tables, say hi and ask them what their advice would be for starting out in the industry.

2. Every studio takes a different approach to recruiting talent. Some train their runners and push them along the ladder; others may only offer short contracts for running work. Some of you may have show reels strong enough to land you a junior role off the bat. While you are talking to recruiters, ask them what they are looking for in a CV and if you could send them your reel. 

3. Think about a good question to ask if you go to the showcases. You could also talk to the VFX artists after their presentation, should you have any questions for them. People are always mingling around once the lights come up, so if you do have a question, or want to let them know how amazing you think their work is, summon up the courage and say hi.

4. Rich Mix is a fantastic venue but if it's your first time at the festival, you may feel it has Harry Potter esq moving staircases that won't let you through to the other side of the building. Pick up a map and familiarise yourself with the two sides of the building and screening rooms.

5. At the top of the building, there is a fantastic open space where VR and AR headsets can be tried and tested. Technology moves quickly in VFX so don't miss out the opportunity to give it a go and ask what they have in the pipeline.

For more information on how to win two tickets to the festival, you can visit the Escape website here. Good luck!

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