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November 2017 | Stephen Follows

Viewing films at home on a big screen is easier than ever, so does that mean younger audiences are skipping the cinema and going straight to Netflix?

Last Wednesday, I gave a talk to 90 teenagers as a part of the Into Film festival.  This annual festival is a free, UK-wide “celebration of film & education for 5-19-year-olds” which holds screenings, workshops and lectures in cinema screens.  I will cover Into Film in more detail in a future post so today I wanted to look at a topic that came up in my conversations with the teenagers and festival organisers.

I was dismayed to learn that some of the teenagers at Into Film events had never been inside a cinema before.  This isn’t statistically unlikely, it just differs so much from my memories of being a teenager that I wasn’t expecting it.  I spent as much time in cinemas as possible, with the highlight of the year being National Cinema Day when all movies were £1 and I would watch five movies in a day.  The idea that teenagers only know about filmed content from watching it on television or, worse still, their phones, was disappointing.

To read more of Stephens article, please click here... 

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