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May 2017 |

Creating a spec commercial could be a useful next step in your film career.

If you’re looking for new and diverse opportunities to break into the film industry, you shouldn't overlook the commercial world as a viable career path or as a resource to further  your abilities. 

The way companies advertise their goods and services through the merging of advertising and filmmaking has been a strong area of growth in the industry for years. It has helped open doors for commercial directors who want to get their feet wet in the narrative world and vice versa. David Fincher and Michael Bay, although vastly different in their styles, both notoriously started their careers in the ad world before transitioning into feature film.

Although commercial filmmaking and narrative filmmaking follow different paths, and nothing guarantees those paths will merge, one art form can certainly be used as a tool to gain traction in the other. Again, projects like spec commercials, or someone’s fan film, are stepping stones to your next major milestone. It falls upon you as a filmmaker to decide how you want to use any of your filmmaking endeavours to benefit your career ambitions.

The next time you watch an impressive or emotionally arresting 30, 60 or 90-second commercial, think about how you might be able to use your skills and experiences to create something similar.

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