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Green Runner Training from Greenshoot

Do you want to join an exclusive network of in-demand runners working on the latest productions?
Receive the latest Green Runner training from Greenshoot exclusively with MFJF.


Green Runner Training

With an ever pressing need for all of us to become more aware and pro active to lessen our impact on the environment, productions which employ an army of people are no different. More and more companies are taking steps to run environmental and sustainable productions. 

MFJF and Greenshoot are offering you the chance to gain vital, in demand training, which will improve your career prospects.

On successfully completing the course you will become part of the Greenshooter network, with access to exclusive job opportunities on features, HE TV Dramas and commercials - see below for details.


Greenshoot started in 2009 by four film and advertising people, it is the first company of its kind to help filming productions be more sustainable. It pioneered a new sector that’s helped change the way productions are run, cutting carbon and costs. So far it has supported over 200 productions, from micro budget to Fast & Furious 6.

In addition, Greenshoot provide training to those new to the industry as the Green Runner is the newest film role, providing a different route into the production world. The unique course prepares you for the industry and provides an extra dimension to your skills and CV.

What you will learn

Looking to start out in the world of production? Or maybe you've got experience as a runner but want to add another skill?

The one day Green Runner Production Training course gives a comprehensive overview of this new and increasingly in-demand role now that more and more productions are embracing elements of sustainability. The daily practicalities of the Green Runner position are explained along with an outline of basic sustainability issues - how an ethical approach to production can not only cut carbon but also cost.

As a Green Runner you'll be in a position that allows you to interact with every department on a production. It will be a chance to understand all the various crew roles and decide which is right for you. If you have little or no production experience don't worry. There are modules about the basic fundamentals of being a runner included.

Previous graduates of the course have moved rapidly on from being a Green Runner. It is a great stepping stone to moving up the production ladder.

The day long course will cover:

- First level entry crew basic environmental management systems for film & TV
- On-set training.
- Producer engagement, training and 'green' budgeting.
- Interacting with and understanding each film department.
- Why make a production sustainable?.
- Carbon audit process, monitoring and measurement.
- Establishing a running an EMS (Environmental Management System) on set.
- Moving towards a full sustainable production.
- Ethical suppliers eg solar generators, compostable kitchenware, etc.

The course is run by the founders of Greenshoot, Melanie and Paul:

Melanie Dicks has been in the production industry for over 25 years starting as a runner at the BBC, moving on to become the first female 1st AD in the UK. She subsequently worked on over 50 feature films, producing the award-winning feature, The Dark Mile in 2017. Melanie is currently developing a slate of film and TV drama series.

Paul Evans worked as a copywriter and creative director at ad agencies in London and abroad. Along the way he wrote and directed many commercials. He’s also written comedy programmes for the BBC, on radio and TV. 

When are Where

The course is held at the Film London offices on Tuesday, 1st May starting at 09.30.

The address is:

Film London
The Arts Building
Morris Place
London N4 3JG

What time is the course? 09.30 until 15.30 with a half hour lunch break. Tea and coffee will be served throughout the day.

Getting there: Finsbury Park tube station is a 2 min walk away. The office is on the 3rd Floor, take the lift. You will have to sign in with the security officer on the ground who will already have your name.

In advance of the 1st May we will email you course materials and other relevant information.

Get your Ticket


There are only 16 places available with a first come first served basis and sadly no refunds. PRO Members will pay full price and then receive a partial refund after they have attended. If you have any questions then please contact us on

Join an Exclusive Network of Runners

When you become a Green Runner you will have access to an exclusive network of job opportunities on some of the biggest productions and commercials. Below are some of the recent productions Greenshooters have worked on:

Feature Films and HE TV Dramas

- God's Own Country
- Electric Dreams
- The Levelling
- Lady MacBeth
- 45 Years
- The Crown
- The Replacement


- Google
- Sky Sports
- Waitrose
- Haig Clug
- EA Sports
- Lloyds Bank


Here are some comments from past attendees including the productions they have worked on as a result of attending the Green Runner Training course:

Aaron Hopkins

- The Man Who Knew Infinity - production assistant
- Mission Impossible 5 - production assistant
- Woman In Black 2 - green runner

"The training offered by Greenshoot is great. You learn so much and meet so many people that are striving to make a positive change. I've been able to influence others that I have worked with and shared knowledge learned on the course. It really helped lay the foundations of my career in film and I am proud to be a part of it."

Myron Johnson

- Adele videos - green runner
- Lady Macbeth - production assistant
- Swallows & Amazons - green runner

"The training course Greenshoot ran was the perfect introduction to not only the role of a Green Runner but the basics of being on a film set. Since the course I've been lucky enough to virtually go from job to job and the knowledge I gained has stayed with me. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to add another string to their bow as a runner."

Ed Khan

- Free Fire - green runner

"Greenshoot were extremely helpful as I'd never worked on a feature film and throughout the shoot they encouraged me and consistently gave me good advice. As their dedicated 'green' runner, they taught me how to keep a film environmentally sustainable and helped guide me through the challenging first feature."

Tam O'Malley

- Avengers, Age of Ultron - art dept trainee
- The Incident - green runner
- 45 Years - green runner 

"Greenshoot's carefully constructed and environmentally aware mission goals make for dedicated and insightful training on the course This is a vital step to working towards a much greener filmmaking future and helping the next generation of crew members, like myself, enter the industry at the same time. Greenshoot training is genuinely the best decision I have made and I can't recommend their education, support and after care enough. Proud to be a Greenshooter!"